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  • WARNING: Failure to follow the instructions on this page means an administrator must fix your entry to maintain consistency in the database and insure search integrity. It also means approval of your entry will be delayed. Please follow ALL examples given below. There are currently about 250 entries that CAN NOT be approved as they were submitted, they have been disapproved and are awaiting review, because the instructions were not followed. Some have been awaiting this review for a very long time, because there simply isn't time to deal with them. Several more were simply deleted. Please, don't make your entry one of these. All entries are subject to editing to maintain search integrity.

General Stuff

    Migrations does not accept living individuals, even if you are the individual in question. If it appears that the individual MAY be living, the entry WILL BE DELETED! If your entry concerns an individual born after 1900, there MUST be at least an approximate death date.
  • If your ancestor did not move, do not submit them.
    We are not a query service, our purpose is to track group and individual movements. However, if you know your ancestor moved with 5 other families, please add them all, as well as spouses and children, so we can track them all.
  • Do not use all CAPS for your entire entry.
    This is a breach of netiquette considered shouting. And more importantly, the search engine is case sensitive.
    Substitute the ^ (shift-6) for all quotes. Using quotes in most parts of the entry will cut off anything you enter after that point when it is approved, rendering your typing effort useless. I can't catch them all. Do not use apostrophes if you can avoid it.

Vital Information
This is the first part of the submission form.

My relative's Surname was: (required)
Example: Jefferson
My relative's Given First Name was: (required)
Example: Thomas
My relative's Year of Birth was:
Example: 1743
My relative's Year of Death was: (required for relatives born after 1910)
Example: 1826
My relative's Birthplace was:  
Example: Goochland County, VA
  • The only accepted abbreviations in dates are: abt, bef and aft.
    If the date occured between two years, use a dash between them. All dates must end in 4 numbers, i.e. 1856/57 does not work, proper format is 1856-1857.
  • Please format placenames correctly.
Improperly formatted place names are causing approval problems. The only proper formats for places in the United States are:
Town/City, County, ST, e.g. Bradford, Harrison County, IN
Town/City, Parish, LA, e.g. New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA
Town/City, Borough, AK, e.g. Juneau, Juneau Borough, AK
If the Town/City is unknown, then use the format:
County, ST, e.g. Custer County, CO, etc.
or of only the state is known, ST, e. g. WY for Wyoming.
The counties and states are MUCH more important than the town, township, etc.
If you do not know the name of the county CLICK HERE.

Don't waste time typing out the name of the state, use the official postal codes for states in the United States.
If the place name is outside of the United States, special rules may apply. Please include the name of the country for place names outside the US. Please do a search for entries from the country in question to see how entries are formatted, and follow that formatting. As a general rule, place names are always:

City/Town/Parish, Province/State/Bundesland/etc., Country name.
These requirements make the data searchable.

**Absolutely under no circumstances leave a place name incomplete.**
I do not know which Wayne County you are referring to (there are several of them). I don't know where Rockport is. Unknown DOES NOT EXIST, so don't use it, leave it blank.

Please, NO ABBREVIATIONS in place names (except for valid U.S. State postal codes) e.g. DO NOT use Co. for County, Twp. for Township or Ind. for Indiana.

Migration Steps
This is the second part of the submission form.

  • At least one Migration step is required. It must not be the same as the birthplace.
  • If you do not know the year of an event, please approximate and use only the abbreviations abt, bef or aft.
  • If you only have a range of dates that the person moved TO the location, please put the range with no abbreviation. The last 4 characters MUST be a valid year.
  • For any additional information, please enter that data in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION field below. Married is not part of a place name, it is additional information.
  • Please see the examples below.

My relative moved the 1st time to (location only):
Albemarle County, VA
Albemarle by itself is invalid!
There must be a state name.)

in (year):
My relative moved the 2nd time to (location only):
Paris, France
Paris by itself is invalid!
Paris, France or 1 of the 28 in the US?)

in (year):
abt 1785
My relative moved the 3rd time to (location only):
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA
Philadelphia, PA is invalid!
There must be a county name.)

in (year):
My relative moved the 4th time to (location only):
Washington, DC
(NOTE: This is the ONLY valid way to do this place name.)

in (year):
bef 1800
My relative moved the 5th time to (location only):
Monticello, Albemarle County, VA
Monticello, VA is invalid!
There must be a county name.)

in (year):
aft 1808
My relative moved the 6th time to (location only):
in (year):

Location Year
My relative moved the 1st time to (location only):
in (year):
My relative moved the 2nd time to (location only):
in (year):
My relative moved the 3rd time to (location only):
in (year):
My relative moved the 4th time to (location only):
in (year):
My relative moved the 5th time to (location only):
in (year):
My relative moved the 6th time to (location only):
in (year):
My relative moved the 7th time to (location only):
in (year):
My relative moved the 8th time to (location only):
in (year):
My relative moved the 9th time to (location only):
in (year):
My relative moved the 10th time to (location only):
in (year):

If your relative moved more than 10 times, please put the additional moves in the Additional Information field below.

Additional Information
This is the last part of the submission form.

  1. Anything that doesn't fit above!
  2. Sources
  3. Names of the other members of the family that traveled with this ancestor (also make separate entries for them!)
  4. Any other information.
    Anything you type in this box will be included in a surname search.

example: Thomas Jefferson, son of Peter and Jane Randolph Jefferson (see other entries) was married to Martha Wayles Skelton, a widow in 1772, and was the father of Martha Washington Jefferson Randolph (1772-1836, see other entry); Jane Randolph Jefferson (1774-75); infant son (1777); Mary Jefferson (1778-1804); Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson (1780-81); Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson (1782-85). He was a very well known man during his life. He wrote the Declaration of Independence, was Secretary of State under President George Washington, the 3rd President of the United States and founded the University of Virginia. His home at Monticello is a National Monument and a must see attraction for visitors of Virginia. This information is from various websites.

Failure to adhere to all the instructions means an administrator must fix your entry to maintain consistency in the database and insure your entry can be searched. It also means approval of your entry will be delayed. PLEASE review your information before clicking SUBMIT. Thanks!

Starting 28 August, 2002, entries will no longer be approved on a first come first served basis. If your entry is messed up, it will be SKIPPED OVER. There are over several entries that were skipped today, don't let yours be next, follow the rules!

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