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They came for a season, they left and went where? Why did they go and who went with them? So many questions about the migrations of our ancestors.

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***Migrations is looking for volunteers!***
If you would be willing and able to transcribe information from primary source records, biographical sketches, obituaries or other records into the Migrations database, please contact Patrick Hays, please.
Migrations History
Migrations.org was conceived on February 8, 1999 when I coded the first Migrations pages for Custer and Fremont Counties, CO and Hancock County, KY, which were modeled on the VAGenWeb Migrations Project. There had been a gaping hole in this area of genealogy, and I figured somebody should do something about it. From there, within days the Colorado and Kentucky state Migration pages were coded with the idea of linking up all of the states and making it nationwide. In October, I started a Migrations Project in Michigan and started linking to both USGenWeb and ALHN. Because of the teamwork of the volunteers from both of those projects, everything started to rapidly pick up speed. After several days of negotiations, the domain name was purchased on October 30, 1999, and coding was begun on the projects national database. We entered beta testing on November 12, and after some minor problems, sicknesses, glitches, baby's being born (ok, that was major!), computer crashes, etc., we are now rolling. This may have been my idea, but it is the project for you, the researcher. If your immigrant, emigrant, migrant relatives are not there yet, SUBMIT them NOW!
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Migrations Requests
The Migrations staff CAN NOT do research for you, but we can try to make it easier to do your own! If you don't find your ancestors in the database, SUBMIT THEM so somebody else will be able to! We also provide several links to check out to try to find additional information after you find your ancestors. If you have any problems with the site, please contact Support as soon as possible, and we'll get it taken care of.  Please use our Users FAQ.

If you are interested in MIGRATIONS.org and would like add a Migrations search to your webpage, please contact Patrick Hays for more information. If you would like to host a county please contact the State Coordinator listed. For more information, see our FAQ.

Migrations Recognitions, Counter and Disclaimers
The Migrations.org Staff deeply appreciates the kindness and talents of Pam Cresswell. Thank you Pam for the creation of our logo and page design! And the help of Betty Sellers who put quite a bit of energy into setting up the original website as the first webmaster. The Migrations.org Staff also appreciates the kindness and help of USGenNet and Jerry Dill, without whom we never would have gotten this far.

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Migrations.org is an unincorporated noncommercial research project. The mission of Migrations.org is to (a) provide genealogical and historical internet researchers and educators with links to online migration and genealogical sources; and (b) administer a searchable public database that collects and analyzes migration data, providing migration patterns for genealogical, historical and educational research. Migrations.org' all-volunteer staff consists of a national coordinator, national assistant coordinators, local level coordinators, and support personnel. Migrations.org is hosted by Prohosting.
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