To contact me:

#1. Check the Users FAQ or Volunteers FAQ. If your question is still not answered, continue to #2.

#2. Do not send me queries about your family! I probably don't know them, and will delete the e-mail without answering. I get too much e-mail and do not have time to answer questions about all of the Smiths in Texas, etc.

#3. If you have made it this far, update your virus software and do a virus scan. If you do not have virus protection, stop here. If you do, continue on to #4.

#4. Type in a new mail message and send.

Lately there have been a very large number of messages sent to me from people whose computers are infected with the SirCam, BadTrans, Klez and other virii and worms. Because of these, I do not accept ANY attachments from anybody. If you send me a message with an attachment, the message will be deleted. If you do not have virus protection, do not e-mail me until you download or purchase it. I would suggest McAfee or Norton. Thank you.